5reeldriveslots.com was created to celebrate one of the longest running and most popular five reel online slots that you can play online. We are slots enthusiasts like you who have come together to share tips, tricks, tactics and the best places to play online. The reel system has been with slot machines since their invention in the late 1800s.


First devised in San Francisco, a system of three reels allowed a means of automatically registering a payout when a player hit a winning combination of cards or symbols. The very first slot machines were found in bars, saloons, dance halls and cigar stores, and often paid out prizes in the form of free beers, cigarettes, chewing gum or even a free shave and a haircut!

From these earliest mechanical slots, slot machines evolved to electro-mechanical hybrid devices which popularized their use in casinos and transitioned them from paying out minor food and drink prizes to major hauls of cash. Slots would go on to become entirely electronic, increasing the number of possible reels, and eventually allowing players to play from the comfort of their own homes over the internet.

5 Reel Drive is an exciting online update of the classic casino five reel slot machines, featuring nine pay lines and up to 50x payout. It offers a highway theme and the feel of travelling cross-country on the open road, as players match up symbols like tractor trailers, diner food, police cars and fuzzy dice.

Complementing the classic five reel action are modern graphics, animation and great sound effects. It’s an experience that’s equivalent to playing in a real casino. On this site you’ll find a full review of the game, documentation of its features, techniques for playing and statistics. You’ll also find full reviews of Online casinos that host the game – their look and vibe, security, ease of funds transfer, software, accreditations, customer service, mobile options and an overview of other games available.

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